Richmond, VA August 10, 2017 — Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC, America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention, joined the chorus of gun reform activists today in asking what the Republican ticket promised gun rights extremists for their support in 2017. Pride Fund executive director Jason Lindsay issued the following statement:

“The NRA’s endorsement of Gillespie, Adams, and Vogel for Virginia’s top elected offices makes it clear that the gun lobby has a profound interest in influencing politics to advance their dangerous agenda and increase their profits. It’s not a secret that more than 90% of Virginians support background checks for gun purchases. What is a secret is what did Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel and John Adams promise gun rights extremists in exchange for their support in this year’s election? Pride Fund to End Gun Violence is asking Commonwealth voters to do their own background checks on Gillespie, Vogel and Adams to uncover the mystery.

“Every poll taken in Virginia shows the same result: Virginia voters — Republicans and Democrats alike — overwhelmingly support background checks for gun purchases as a way to ensure safety. Background checks have never been controversial, and yet Republicans refuse to enact this simple safety precaution.

“Likewise, research proves that concealed carry laws do not make our communities safer, despite the popular yet mistaken image of the ‘good guy with a gun.’ Ed Gillespie and his ticket mates are hiding the truth from voters.

“But why? Gillespie doesn’t have a good answer. We demonstrated that in our digital ad, Science Lesson, that shows Gillespie lying to explain his position and regurgitating false talking points from the gun lobby. Virginia didn’t buy Gillespie’s rhetoric in his last failed campaign, and they shouldn’t be fooled now.

“The NRA has a vested interest in supporting and funding Gillespie, Adams, and Vogel’s campaigns for executive positions in the Commonwealth. If these Republicans are elected, the NRA and gun manufacturers expect a direct return on investment in the form of higher profits funded by dangerous policies. In 2016 alone, the gun lobby spent $52 million to influence elections around the country. Now Republicans are pushing dangerous legislation such as deregulating silencers and expanding concealed carry, all of which will expand the profits of the gun manufacturers and make our communities less safe.

“Pride Fund gives the LGBTQ community a voice in the movement to pass sensible gun laws and prevent future tragedies. We support pro-LGBTQ candidates who will act to reform our gun laws and improve safety for all Americans. Pride Fund has endorsed Dr. Ralph Northam for Governor, Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Herring for Attorney General. They stand with the facts, they stand with Virginians for safety and common sense gun reforms, and they stand with the LGBTQ community for equality, safety and security.”

About the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence

Pride Fund to End Gun Violence (Pride Fund) is a Political Action Committee (PAC) established after the Pulse nightclub massacre, organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect pro-LGBT candidates at the national level who support sensible gun reforms.

To date, Pride Fund has endorsed 13 candidates in the 2017 Virginia election in addition to Northam, Fairfax and Herring for their commitment to gun safety and LGBTQ equality.

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