LGBTQ PAC established after Pulse and focused on gun reform makes additional endorsements in Florida

Washington, D.C., August 2, 2018 — Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC – America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention – announced today its endorsement of Congressman Darren Soto in FL-9, Congresswoman Val Demings in FL-10, and State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith in FL-49 for re-election. Pride Fund endorsed these candidates for re-election based on their commitment to championing LGBTQ equality and their support of common sense gun safety reform.

“We support Soto, Demings, and Smith for re-election because of their demonstrated commitment to the shared ideals of so many Americans: equality for all citizens and the support of commonsense gun laws to keep everyone safe,” said Jason Lindsay, founder and Executive Director of Pride Fund. “These candidates value the safety of their constituents and are leading the fight for gun reform. We need more elected leaders like them in Congress and our State legislatures,” said Lindsay.

Congressman Darren Soto
"I'm proud to stand by all victims of gun violence, and to work with all my heart to stop the killing. We need common sense gun reform immediately, and I will not rest until that happens.  Here in Central Florida, mass gun violence has taken an especially horrific toll. But the Pulse nightclub attack not only was an assault on our LGBTQ and Latinx friends and neighbors -- it was an assault on our entire community. From this tragedy, the survivors and victims' families and friends have drawn incredible strength and been an example to us all. And I'm convinced that if we can bring their voices to the halls of Congress and the homes of all Americans, we will overcome the NRA. We will overcome the fear-mongering, lies, and the money arrayed against us. And we will pass new laws that save countless lives," said Congressman Soto.

Congresswoman Val Demings
Orlando is the “City Beautiful” because of its diversity. As police chief, I fought for equality and meaningful gun control legislation and have continued to do so with an even louder voice in Congress. I thank Pride Fund for their support and their unwavering commitment to protect all citizens from senseless shootings. We have much work to do and I am honored to stand together with you.

State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith
"Addressing the epidemic of gun violence is a top issue for LGBTQ voters. After Pulse, I proudly stood alongside survivors and families as the lead sponsor of an assault weapons ban. Thank you Pride Fund for recognizing my commitment to being an unapologetic LGBTQ voice for commonsense gun safety reforms.”

Florida deserves to have leaders who will stand up to the NRA and fight for safety and equality for all. Floridians have the opportunity to elect leaders who will take commonsense measures to curb the toll of gun violence in our communities, and who will protect everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, or sexual orientation.

Pride Fund has thoroughly reviewed the platforms and records of Soto, Demings, and Smith to assess their commitment to protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community and improving the safety of all Floridians. These candidates represent the kind of leaders we need, who won’t prioritize the special interests of the gun lobby over the safety of the American people.

During the 2018 election cycle in Florida, Pride Fund has previously endorsed Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy for re-election in FL-07; Lauren Baer in FL-18 and David Richardson in FL-27 at the Congressional level and Anna Eskamani for the state house in HD-47.