Pride Fund Smacks Adam Putnam's Negligence, Allegiance to NRA Over Background Check Failure

June 08, 2018 -- Orlando, FL -- The Tampa Bay Times reports that Florida’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) was not accessed for more than a year, potentially providing concealed carry permits to drug addicts, people with mental illness, and others who should be barred from owning a gun. An Office of Inspector General investigation found an employee for Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who oversees Florida’s gun permitting system, could not log in to the system, and applications and approvals spiked. Putnam has called himself a “proud NRA sellout” and aligned himself with the gun lobby during his current run for governor.

Pride Fund to End Gun Violence founder and executive director Jason Lindsay issued the following statement:

“Adam Putnam clearly has more allegiance to the NRA and gun culture than he has to ensuring the safety of Florida’s citizens. In his zeal to get more guns into more hands, Putnam’s office remained blissfully unaware that the background check system for carrying concealed weapons, which he oversees, was not accessed for more than a year starting in February 2016. During that time, applications increased significantly and were approved, because no one working for Putnam reviewed the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). It’s inconceivable Putnam’s office could be so negligent, especially because the Pulse massacre in Orlando occurred during the same timeframe. How could that have not sparked a review of processes? It’s one more piece of evidence that Putnam is not fit to be governor of Florida.”