LGBTQ PAC focused on gun safety reform makes endorsement in United States House Race in California

April 3, 2018 -- Washington, DC -- Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC – America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention – announced its endorsement of business entrepreneur, Democrat Harley Rouda for Congress to represent California’s 48th Congressional District.

“I am incredibly proud and grateful to have the support of the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, a seminal gun safety organization in the fight against our nation’s horrific and unrelenting gun violence,” said Harley Rouda. "I look forward to partnering with them in the campaign to spread our message of common-sense gun safety legislation throughout the 48th District. Together, we will transform the Congress from an institution cowed by the NRA into one committed to challenging lax gun laws and loopholes.”

“Harley Rouda earned our endorsement because he supports mandatory background checks for all gun purchases, restrictions on the sale and ownership of assault weapons, large-capacity magazines and bump stocks, and empowering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to analyze data on gun violence,” said Jason Lindsay, Executive Director of Pride Fund to End Gun Violence. “As a founding member of the Human Rights Watch chapter in his district and a supporter of the Equality Act, Rouda has demonstrated his commitment to protecting the LGBTQ community from hate and discrimination. We’re proud to stand with Rouda and his campaign for Congress, and we look forward to working with him once he’s elected."

Rouda’s likely Republican opponent, Dana Rohrabacher, has earned an A-rating from the NRA due to his opposition to commonsense gun safety laws. Rohrabacher has endangered Americans by co-sponsoring the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which law enforcement, gun owners, veterans, and the vast majority of Americans strongly oppose because it would allow dangerous and untrained people to carry loaded, hidden guns in more public places.

It’s critical that Rohrabacher lose his seat this November, and Pride Fund looks forward to ensuring he is replaced by Harley Rouda, a true leader who won’t prioritize the special interests of the gun lobby over the safety of the American people.