Common sense gun reform and incumbent Scott Taylor’s allegiance to the NRA and their campaign checks were key factors in his defeat. Voters wanted a leader who would stand up to the gun lobby and put public safety first - electing Elaine Luria as the new Representative for VA-02 in Congress.

November 6, 2018 -- Washington, D.C. --  Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC –  Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC –  America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention - is excited to congratulate Elaine Luria on her victory over NRA-backed incumbent, Rep. Scott Taylor in Virginia’s 2nd District. 65% of Americans support stricter gun laws, 97% of Americans support universal background checks on gun sales, and 70% support a ban on assault weapons. Elaine Luria spoke to the safety concerns of her constituents by focusing on common sense gun reform measures, meanwhile, her opponent walked the party line of the NRA and corporate gun lobby, sticking to his position that gun reform of any kind was unacceptable. Congressman Taylor’s refusal to budge on the issue of gun safety, something his constituents are demanding, and his allegiance to the NRA and their campaign money, were a key part of his defeat tonight. The voters wanted a candidate who would stand up for their safety, and that was Elaine Luria.

“We are proud to have endorsed Elaine Luria in her election. Her commitment to making our communities safer and more inclusive proved to be a winning strategy,” said Jason Lindsay, Founder and Executive Director of Pride Fund. “As an Iraq war vet for the U.S. army, I am confident that Elaine will use her background as a Naval Surface Warfare officer in Congress to guide her decisions about gun safety and, unlike Representative Scott Taylor, will prioritize the safety of her constituents over the gun lobby’s blood money," said Lindsay.

Pride Fund worked tirelessly to ensure that Luria was elected. We released two digital ads in support of Luria that were key in spreading the truth about her NRA-backed opponent. Our first ad, “One Day After,” highlighted shameless support that Scott Taylor accepted from the NRA just one day after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. The other ad, titled “Leader,” contrasted the leadership styles of Taylor and Luria, pointing out the corruption in Taylor’s campaign and his financial support from the NRA compared to Luria’s concern for the safety of her community. In just the final week of the campaign, Pride Fund’s digital ad was seen by nearly 22,000 targeted voters in Luria’s district that were essential to winning. In addition, Pride Fund volunteers were excited to contribute in Get Out the Vote efforts by holding phone banks both in person and through remote volunteers around the country.

Taylor is an NRA-funded politician with troubling views on the rights of LGBTQ Americans and dangerous ties to the gun lobby. One day before the Parkland high school shooting, Taylor accepted NRA cash for his campaign. It was clear to voters that he values the blood money of the gun lobby over the safety of our children and our communities.

Elaine is a mom, small business owner, and Navy veteran who served our country for 20 years. On top of Elaine’s commitment to protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community, she is committed to supporting common-sense gun safety legislation including measures like bans on assault weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity magazines. She also supports a ban on gun sales to dangerous individuals and those on the terrorist watch list and allowing the Centers for Disease Control to fully research America’s gun violence epidemic and providing adequate funding.