Pride Fund Applauds Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring for his Re-election

Pride Fund Endorsed Candidate Attorney General Mark Herring Defeats Gun Lobby Candidate, John Adams

Washington, D.C. November 7, 2017 -- Pride Fund to End Gun Violence – America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention – is proud to stand with Mark Herring in his victory over John Adams in the Virginia Attorney General election. This victory proves to the Republican party and NRA-backed candidates that voters are rejecting the dangerous rhetoric of the gun lobby, and with enough grassroots activist efforts, pro-LGBTQ, pro-gun safety candidates can win elections.

“Mark Herring has consistently fought back against the gun lobby, pursuing policies that would cut down on gun violence; and he has been a strong, vocal leader on LGBTQ equality,” said Jason Lindsay, Executive Director of Pride Fund to End Gun Violence. “John Adams’s “AQ” rating from the NRA would have brought our country many steps back in our fight for a safer America. This win proves that candidates win when they run on a gun violence prevention platform that speaks to the basic safety and rights of the American people.”

“We need to work together to pass commonsense gun safety policies, and I’m proud to stand with Pride Fund in this fight to keep all Americans safe and keep hate out of Virginia," said Mark Herring. “I’ve spent my career in elected office fighting for policies that make Virginia communities safer, and I believe the freedom to marry is a fundamental right, and I intend to ensure that Virginia is on the right side of history and the right side of the law.”

Pride Fund endorsed Herring in June. Since then, Pride Fund invested a variety of resources to persuade and mobilize voters:

  • Pride Fund endorsed Herring in June because he’s worked to protect Virginia from the dangers of weak gun laws and successfully argued that Virginia’s unconstitutional ban on same-sex marriage should be struck down.

  • Made direct campaign contributions and co-hosted an in-person fundraiser in Herndon, Virginia.

  • Sent volunteers from Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, to do door-to-door canvassing to get out the vote.

  • Volunteers from around the country phone banked to get out the vote.

  • Using our robust social media and e-mail list, Pride Fund continually highlighted Herring’s race with original and earned media content.